Ukraine has offered to accept a tax on luxury housing!

Ukraine has offered to accept a tax on luxury housing!

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine within the framework of reforming the tax system offers to levy a fixed tax amounting 25 thousand UAN per year to the owners of large-sized housing, and increase the maximum tax rate on real estate (set by local councils) to 3% of the minimum salary for 1 sq. m. per year.

At the same time, the Ministry proposes to maintain the current benefits for the owners of the small dwelling (up to 120 sq. m. for houses).

Let us remind, that from January 1, 2015 the new Tax Code came into force, according to which the private home area more than 120 square meters in Ukraine is levied by property tax and the tax does not exceed 2% of the minimum salary for 1 square m. per year.

Despite of fact that the state increases taxes on housing, we hope that it will be the same number of people who care about their health and their children's future and want to live in your home. Our company offers turnkey construction of projects, such as cottages, country houses, houses from timber and logs of various sizes.

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