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The building of the wooden houses – so dreams come true!

Do you dream about the living outside the urban traffic, where there are no asphalt and other "charms" of urbanization? Do you want to build the house, but you have not decided what kind to choose? Are you tired of searching the reliable building company?

The company "Hata-Zrub" knows, what you need! Your dreams are in the hands of team's specialists, who build wooden houses. The company carries out warranty service during 1 year.

Attention! The realization of roofing works is FREE!

The advantages of the wooden houses' building are the ecological quality of the material. The natural wood is the perfect thermal insulator, its effectiveness is more higher than brick and concrete etc. So, according to the energy conservation the wooden house is more advantageous. It allows decreasing the costs on the heating significantly during the process operation.

Besides, the advantages of the wooden houses are:

- speed of the houses' building;

- durability;

- low cost of service;

- the possible using decks of different sizes;

- as the practice shows, the wooden houses are the warmest ones among the different kinds of buildings.

You can estimate all advantages only if you order the building of the wooden house! Call us now! The realization of the dreams is simply with "Hata-Zrub"!

The company "Hata-Zrub" carries out the building of wooden houses using the technology of hewn log house. It's proved, that a deck, which is processed manually, cracks less. The external layer, which is rich on resin, protects blockhouse from the unfavorable factors of the external environment.

The company "Hata-Zrub" uses for building the forest, which is provided on own sawmills in Carpathians, Mezhygirya (one of the few ecologically clean regions of Ukraine). Furthermore, the material is provided only in winter, when the wood reaches the most optimal conditioning properties (the concentration and "preservation" of all living powers by tree, which occurs in winter, give the tree absolutely high strength, density and durability).

Why the building of the wooden houses is worthily trusted for the company "Hata-Zrub"?

If you have not searched the reliable building company, so you are invited to "Hata-Zrub". The company is working on the domestic and foreign markets more than 12 years. One of the building teams had the training in the famous Finnish firm "Khonka" (the leader of the blockhouses' building in the whole world) in Moscow. Today "Khata-Zrub" builds the houses in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Greece.

The examples of the projects you can see here

While you are dreaming about the own wooden house, the specialists of the company "Hata- Zrub" embody the strange ideas of the comfortable life!

So, don't delay your dreams for tomorrow! Call the company "Hata-Zrub" today!

ATTENTION! The orders are accepted by contact phones!


Lines of activity

Construction, real estate / construction of residential buildings
Construction of wooden houses "turnkey" is carried out by "Hata-Zrub". Houses of any complexity and designfrom log and from a bar - this is all specialty of a company. The company provides warranty service of log and offers competitive terms to its customers.

For the construction of wooden houses company uses high-quality clean wood that is harvested for their sawmill in the Carpathians in Mizhgirya (one of the few ecologically clean regions of Ukraine).

Company "Hata-Zrub' builds on technology of hewn log home, ensuring that the wood is less susceptible to cracking.

If you want to download a price list, click here - http://hata-zrub.ub.ua/ua/prices/

For more information please contact phone numbers.
Tourism, leisure / green tourism, agrotourism, ecotourism
Another focus of the company 'Hata-Zrub " is green tourism in the Carpathians. The company organizes various tours in the Carpathian Mountains, offers exciting tours, vacation at Synevyr.

The heart of green tourism in Ukraine is picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Here steep mountains and rivers and everything you need for an active and unforgettable vacation.

If you dream about mountains - contact the company "Hata-Zrub", here you will be shown more than you expect!


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Construction of wooden houses, kolyb (huts)

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Construction of log house temples

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"Hata-Zrub" company carries out the construction of log house temples, ensuring high quality, speed of construction, warranty service within a year. The company offers a variety of options of forming…


Company's news

"Hata-Zrub" is actively expanding territory of activity!
November 30, 2016 3:01 pm

Indicator of the development of any business is expansion of services spectrum. None of the successful manufacture cannot exist by standing in one place, and we are not exception! 10 years of experience allows us to perform…

Glued laminated timber - not ceasing trend for building houses!
November 30, 2016 12:19 pm

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